Facility management made intuitive and easy to use in tablet form.


The challenge

Create a tablet app that makes the data onboarding process of locations more efficient and in less time.

The solution

Based on the requirements we came up with an app that simplified the overall process.
We optimized the usability and made the data entry easy and efficient. The user interface can be adjusted to the needs/role of the user this way often used functions and features will be more accessible.


A survey in the context of this facility management app is like a project. The purpose of the survey is to gauge satisfaction and effectiveness of locations, rooms, facilities and amenities within the location, etc. This is basically what this tablet app does. The user can track the details and progress of the survey they are working on and share it with their team members.


This was a pretty cool part of the project to design. With the tablet app the user can use OCR features (camera) to scan bar codes of devices for example.


In this project we were tasked to design many different kinds of forms to capture data by the user. This ranges from simple forms with a few fields to very complex forms with many kinds of data types. To succeed in this challenge we utilized a component based approach in Sketch. The hard part was crafting all the components with the different data types and making sure the designs are cohesive and user friendly.

A lot of complex data related screens

Some examples of views we designed with complex forms consisting of many different kinds of data types. The challenge was to organize all the data in a way that is both robust and user friendly. The ability to collapse/expand certain sections, a visual design that is easy on the eyes, etc. Besides UX we made sure to setup the Sketch components in a way so that it is easy for us (the designers) to edit the data. Because the client was pretty particular with the presentation of the views. We used 'real data' in the forms and table views for the design mockups. Obviously this is important since the designs were reviewed by people not familiar with design (CEOs and other people in suits).

In addition, our goal was to make the development process of the UI components easier by thinking ahead regarding technical considerations.

Blank states

Some blank states designed by the illustrator.

Authentication and account

Log in, register and account screens.