CleanOnn Clean

Making the cleaning process simple from initial contract registration up to operational planning.

CleanOnn Clean

The challenge

AddOnn is a Dutch software company specialised in SaaS solutions for Integrated Facility Management Organisations. They were developing a suite of apps that support companies in managing their cleaning process. The main challenge was to design the app for several types of users, this include managers and cleaners who have trouble reading or writing text. It was necessary to develop a tool which could help the cleaners finish their tasks easier and faster.

The solution

Our collaboration with AddOnn resulted in the design of a suite of three products, each one supporting in managing the cleaning process. Via an easy-to-use user interface, you can report on work done with one click. The text-to-speech and speech-to-text support helps cleaners who cannot read with their tasks. We also designed a tablet app for the Quality Reviewers who were given the task to review the cleaning work of the cleaners.

UI/UX design

The wireframe stage is the most crucial part of any project. We quickly found layout and navigation solutions by creating these wireframes before moving onto the visual UI design.

When designing the app we kept in mind that the design should be understandable but also needed to have a visual appeal. Every step should be logical and should not confuse the user.

Easy and fast check-in

We made it easier for the user to check-in and out of the work locations with QR code, GPS or manual check-in. When manually checking in the user can quickly find the location by determining his location. The app will offer him the address nearest to him.

Icons and Illustrations

After creating the wireframes we started working on the visual concepts. At this stage we chose the main colors and set the typography and icon design to use them in the app.

More screens

Next to cleaning there is also the need of quality control. A tablet app was designed for the quality controllers to review the cleaning work. The controller can make a comprehensive overview of rooms and the elements in the rooms that needs to be reviewed.

Early concepts

Some early concepts where we explored the usage of other colors and visual elements in the UI.