Euro BOB

Getting home safely after a night out.

Euro BOB

The challenge

Euro BOB is a Dutch service that provides drivers bringing you home in your own car after a night out. The brief was to create an easy to use app and redesign of the website.

The solution

We have designed an app that let’s riders book a driver in an easy way with just a few taps. The existing website was outdated and didn’t fit within the expansion plans of the company. The client also wanted a redesign of the website that explained how their services worked in a simple way and to make it all more clear for new customers. We designed an eye-catching header that explained how their service works and visitors can get an estimate of a ride from their pickup location to their destination.

App design

Booking a ride with the Euro BOB app is very simple. You can do this with just one tap on a button from your current location, or from another location which you can enter manually. Based on your entered journey, you will receive a price indication.

More screens

If you need to contact the service after booking your ride you can call or chat with a BOB within the app. At the end of your ride you can rate your driver.


We've also created illustrations for the onboarding screens and icons for the app.