Health Dashboard

Health dashboard UX/UI design for health care startup.

Health Dashboard

The challenge

UX/UI design of a new platform for medical professionals (health care). Based on user research data from the research team and the leadership and medical experience of the product team, 2 complete web app solutions were designed. A Figma design system was created to streamline the workflow and to allow for the reuse of components within 2 new web apps.

The workflow

Collaboration and reporting to head of product and product owner and working on the designs based on Jira tickets. Weekly design review meetings with the manager. From time to time collaboration with the development team to discuss technical constraints.

Note: Benny Chew was the only designer who worked on this web app UX/UI design project. The designs and design system were created from scratch. However, there was regular collaboration with another designer who was responsible for the mobile app.

Additionally, Benny Chew worked in the development team as a React developer for 2 days per week (4 months). The role was helping out with the existing web app, working on Jira tickets and participating in daily stand ups. This was separate from the UX/UI design assignment. The team consisted of around 5 to 6 developers, ranging from full stack React devs to backend devs.

Design system

For this web app design we gradually built a design system in Figma to save time and streamline the design process. The design system heavily uses several Figma features: components, variants and design tokens.

The design system was created in a separate Figma file and used as a library, separate from the screen designs (views). This allowed us to split major features into separate Figma files. Resulting in a better overview, less mess and easier collaboration.


A selection of screens designed for the web app. The screens presented here are only about 15% of the total views designed (in 1.5 years time, 2 days a week).