Improving customer experience for a travel platform.


The challenge

Reisknaller is a travel and booking platform that helps users to find the best flight and accommodation deals. They offer a vast range of destinations from sunny beach destinations to city trips and self drive holidays. The old website was outdated and they weren’t happy about the UX. Reisknaller approached us to help redesigning their website into a useful and beautiful digital product.

The solution

They had already carried out user research, but were relying on us to bring their vision to life. Starting from the visual identity we updated the color palette and the typography. We created a friendly brand identity with a mascot. And improved the UI/UX of the platform so users can find the best deals easier.

Simple and clear designs

Reisknaller allows travellers to find and book exciting excursions and travel packages.
We focused on helping them find their holiday, even when they’re not sure what it is yet.
In order to let travellers easily find the information needed, the home screen was kept simple with the most necessary information.
Travellers can find specifics of the trip package very quickly. They can also see the ratings and reviews. When they login they can save hotels and deals to compare later.

A visual pricing bar let's the user quickly see which dates and duration has the best deal. Selecting your flight or bus trip is a breeze with the visual card designs showing the departure and arrival times. There are no hidden costs with the clear breakdown of the pricing during your booking.

Illustrations and mascot design

A mascot was created to give the brand a more friendly image. We designed the character in different outfits for different situations/holidays. The character was also used in the loading animations.

More screens

The Reisknaller website is fully responsive, adapting to screens of all sizes. Smart search with filters helps the user find the right travel package.
A simple interface lets you discover the most visited and popular destinations on the platform. On every accommodation page a monthly weather forecast is shown. With this the user can see when it's the best time to travel to this destination.


Simple loading animations were created to provide better user experience and letting visitors know that their request is being processed. This help prevent people navigate away if they don’t see any feedback.