Clean up litter and support a charity.


The challenge

Litter is one of the biggest annoyances in the city. It creates a messy streetscape and is harmful to animals and the environment. Every year, approximately 13 million kilos of waste are removed from the streets.
The Rubbiz Foundation wants to create a litter free world by offering an ecosystem that motivates everybody to clean up. They asked us to help them with their app that motivates people cleaning their neighbourhoods.

The solution

We managed to come up with a design that is fresh and appealing to a broad target group. During the design process, we created components and guidelines that also helped the development team to build the app. Because people were not familiar with the concept we had to make sure the app was easy to use and that it was also clear to the user what he could do with the app.

UI/UX designs

This was a unique and new concept to us compared to other work we have done in the past. A good experience across the app with a focus on UX and visuals was needed to capture the attention of the desired demographic. We opted for a design with bright colors, since the target group was mainly young people.

As a user you can tag rubbish for people to clean or you can search for places to clean based on your location. When the user first uses the app he is guided through the process of cleaning the chosen area. A leader board shows users where they rank.

Icons and illustrations

A short introduction of the app is visible once the user opens the app. The first screens explain the concept of the app. A custom bright icon style and illustrations bring playfulness to the brand and helps Rubbiz capture the attention of the desired demographic.

App icon and mascot

We also designed the app icon. A cute and friendly mascot was created based on a trash can and camera. Empty state illustrations were also created with the mascot when there is no rubbish to clean or an error happened. These could also be animated in a later phase.

More screens

Users can buy credits to make pictures of the rubbish they found. The money would go to a charity.