Digitalize the school administration system to make payments easier.


The challenge

The administration system of elementary schools in The Netherlands have not kept up with the digital era. A lot of tasks were still done with pen and paper, this made it very difficult to keep track of all records. SchoolKassa wanted to change this and developed a platform to view and manage the payments of elementary schools. We had to design a UI for the platform that would be easy to use for everybody.

The solution

We worked together with the founders and the development team to design a web app that makes the school payment system more streamlined and easy to use. Parents and school administrators are able to check all the transactions using the platform anytime on their computer and mobile phone. The web app provides a well designed report for school administrators. Besides creating the web app a landing page was also designed to give schools more information on how the platform works.

App design

The app was designed for the school administrators and the parents. It had to work on a big screen like desktop were the teachers and administrators could manage the administration. And also on a mobile, parents could easily get a payment request and pay via their mobile phone and check the status of their payments.

Icons and illustration

A set of icons and illustrations was designed for the app and website.

Web design

Another task was to design a website that would increase the traffic and generate more leads.


We developed a visual language and a color palette to help SchoolKassa stand out.