Helping creative professionals find the best match.


The challenge

Finding the right job candidates is difficult. You have sites like LinkedIn but they let their users name their profession themselves. This list of professions isn't accurate enough and you end up with a lot of resumes. This wastes a lot of time, so why not make the entire process a lot faster and more efficient by creating precise descriptions.
Workbookers’ mission is to make the process of searching for a candidate or job joyful and easy. We were asked to help them in creating an app that reflects this mission.

The solution

We've worked extensively with the founder who has a great vision for the future of the job market. The result is an app that is based on a professional and curated list of professions and specialties. It’s simple, but at the same time quite powerful. Make a shortlist of the ideal candidates together with your fellow recruiters. And as an independent professional you have your own profile online within a few clicks.

Icons and Illustrations

A set of icons and illustrations has been designed to grasp the attention of the users.
We have also set up a library of reusable components that are being used throughout the app. The design system allows for rapid iteration and exploration. This also allows the developers to see right away which components need to be build.